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BASI Pilates Academy is a training centre where students learn how to become teachers.

Academies offer both training courses for teachers and continuing education courses, as well as one-to-one and team classes for all the students.

The goal of BASI Pilates Academy is to change people’s lives through the art and science of Pilates.

The studio offers a complete range of classes: private, semi private and team classes for all the students and, with great satisfaction, also teacher training and continuing education courses.


BASI Pilates Academy offers a welcoming and tidy environment, perfectly suited for individuals who wish to achieve specific goals, be it strengthening their abdominal muscles, soothing and preventing back pain, improving athletic performance, recovering their physical body following an injury or simply maintaining and improving their physical body and posture.

Our team boasts excellent quality teachers since the studio is meant to be a professional training centre. Ours are certified BASI Pilates teachers and they give systematic and comprehensive classes.

BASI Pilates Academy Lugano is part of BASI Pilates Scandinavia.

Get in touch to have a look at the studio and get more details to start your journey.

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