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Federica M.

“I started practising Pilates totally from scratch about one year ago and after just a few classes Marta made me love it!! Taking the class helps me a lot both physically and mentally but I must say that Marta’s enthusiasm, joy and professionalism played a fundamental role. I suggest everyone to practise Pilates but you should really do it with Marta at Timeless Pilates, now BASI Pilates Academy Lugano!”

Silvia M.

“Positive energy distinctively lingers in the studio of BASI Pilates Academy Lugano. Marta, thanks to her outstanding but never ostentatious expertise, succeeds in involving the students in a unique experience. With her sweetness, professionalism and kindness she comes along in a deep and personalised growth journey. Once you step out of the studio you can feel you took care of yourself and a new strength growing, rediscovering the right amount of positivity and awareness towards your own body. Marta and her Academy are proof that when you invest in your passions, putting your heart into them, you get surprising and... magical results!

Carina K.

“I have been going to Marta’s studio for one year now and I can only say that I like it. Marta is methodical and professional, very detail-oriented and always has a special care for the needs of each participant. Both the machines and one-to-one classes always gave me a lot of satisfaction. I adore Pilates and Marta succeeds in conveying all her enthusiasm with a simple cheerfulness and good mood.”


Emanuela P.

“Following a first less than pleasant experience, I recently took up Pilates again with Marta and I must say that I am enthusiastic about it: my back aches are alleviating and for the first time I feel motivated to keep going! This is also thanks to Marta who is very attentive and patient, she can motivate you with her vivacity but most of all she can explain the exercises in a clear and specific way, stepping in to correct you, when necessary, which is not something evident especially during online classes. She is great!”.


Natasha M.

“Marta is a knowledgeable professional with whom I got on well right from the start. Thanks to her Pilates teaching my life has changed! Thank you, Marta,”.

Sabrina P.

“Marta is very good and professional. I’ve been practising sports since I was a child and Pilates for almost 10 years now, however, thanks to her, I’ve learned to get to know and to work on my body in an even deeper and more intense way. With her energy she is motivated in doing better and better and motivates others to do the same and the results show!”.

Marjan D.

“Pilates for me is like taking “me time”. I have never practised sports much but I like to move, discovering after several times that I have given an impulse to the muscle with my thought/brain, being able to control it (it actually moves). Going on with the classes I discover more and more but it doesn’t get any easier. My job is physically intense and even when I feel tired, Pilates and Marta’s classes are flexible, they adapt to how I feel and where I feel pain. Probably a more stretching-focused class (always working with the BASI Pilates method) really can make the difference for me because I feel better afterwards. Marta, you are a really good teacher, you get to know so much from our body, you can make me understand what I have to do even if a movement is complicated. You always look for new ways to make me understand which muscle I have to move and then you’re positive, motivated, interested and it is so nice feeling free to laugh too…”.

Valentina P.

“After other experiences in fitness/Pilates I have been going to the studio for 7 months now. The environment is carefully designed, very clean and welcoming. The perfect place to take care of yourself, releasing the daily stress. Marta is very well prepared, attentive to her students’ needs, she does her job with a passion she immediately succeeded in conveying to me. In a short time, I also met a nice, generous person with a big heart!”

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