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Dear BASI Pilates' students

We are happy you started you teacher training course with us, and we will do our best to help and support you throughout your certification process.

In addition to the standard course modules, a BASI certification requires the following training hours:

CTTC’s students: 200 self-practice hours, 100 observation hours, 200 student-teaching hours.

MTTC’s students: 60 self-practice hours, 15 observation hours, 30 student-teaching hours.

As a host studio for Pilates certification, we are pleased to offer you special terms which are valid for one year (12 months) from the beginning of your certification process.

Classes have to be scheduled with Marta Bestetti by email or text (+41 79 88 444 06). Before buying classes, make sure you fill out the subscription form: and send it: or bring a printed copy to the studio.

BASI students attending BASI Pilates Academy Lugano classes do not have to pay for the annual subscription fee of CHF 20.- when filling out the subscription form.

BASI Pilates Academy Lugano is recognized by health insurance. If you need a copy of your subscription form for your health insurance, please write an email:

BASI students may arrange with Marta (text: 079 884 44 06, e-mail: to use the studio for self-practice whenever there is space available. 

The following reduced-rate fee is applicable when using the studio and equipment for student teaching with your own students: CHF 25.- / 60 min. Please also contact Marta to coordinate use of the studio for this purpose.

Observing classes is free for BASI students and can be arranged directly with Marta.

Before leaving the studio, please make sure to clean any equipment which was used, tilt the windows to allow for air circulation, leave the studio ready to welcome other clients. Please also take care not to scratch the parquet floors when moving equipment.

BASI Pilates Academy Lugano schedule weekly online Mat Classes as follows:

•    Monday 7:00 PM
•    Wednesday 6:00 PM
•    Friday 6:00 PM 

Zoom link for weekly classes 

Meeting ID: 875 569 3263
Passcode: 357029


Monthly Advanced online/in studio Mat Classes on Saturday. Every month you will receive an email to join it. This a special class where we will review all Matwork repertoire in a 90-minute class followed by 30 minutes for your questions and answers.

Other group classes can we be scheduled to review any module upon request.

Price list and subscription form 2024

The BASI Pilates Academy Lugano team thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

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